Welcome to New Vester!
Welcome to the New Vester website.  We're glad you found us on the web and would like
to share with you what we feel is our purpose and place in God's world.  

New Vester is a church filled with a caring, friendly congregation and we celebrate the
glory and love of God while supporting and encouraging one another through group
worship, study and fellowship.  We invite you to connect with the New Vester Church
family as a disciple and experience the abundant life that God offers to His children.  

We welcome you to worship with us this weekend! We pray that our worship services
impact your life and the lives of those around you.
New Vester Missionary Baptist Church
8304 Byrd Road  Sims North Carolina 27880
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 22 Sims, NC 27880
Phone: (252) 235-3996
Web Address: newvesterchurch.com  
Email Address: newvester@embarqmail.com

Reverend Jeffrey Simms, Pastor
"We Open Our Hearts to God and Our Arms to Others"